Saturday, 2 October 2010


On 3rd July 2010, our own Jan Crossley was ordained by Bishop David in Salisbury. So we were pleased to ring a quarter peal for to celebrate Jan's first Eucharist on 4th July.

We rang 1260 changes of reverse Canterbury doubles and the ringers were:

  1. Sylvia Charles
  2. Liz Biles
  3. Jan Walmesley
  4. Robert Wellen
  5. Hugh Walmesley White
  6. Roger Alford
Congratulations to Jan for all her hard work!


An auction of promises was held as part of the fund-raising for the new community shop in Motcombe. Mr. Edwards outbid everyone and we happily rang a special ring of grandsire, April Day and bob doubles on Monday 19th July 2010.

The ringers were

  1. Hugh Walmesley White
  2. Maryon Jenner
  3. Judith Williamson
  4. Laurence Odell
  5. Robert Wellen
  6. Sylvia Charles


To commemorate the arrival of our new vicar on 21st July 2010, we rang a quarter peal of 3 methods; bob doubles, april day and grandsire at her licensing and installation service. It was a very enjoyable service with some excellent singing.

The ringers were:

  1. Sylvia Charles
  2. Judith Williamson
  3. Jan Walmesley
  4. Liz Biles
  5. Hugh Walmesley White
  6. Henry Moule

We very much welcome the addition of the Rev. Eve Peggler and Jerome Peggler to our band of ringers.