Friday, 30 January 2009


We held our annual Christmas Dinner in January this year for a change. We all met at the King's Arms at East Stour and enjoyed an excellent meal in good company. Hugh's quiz was won by Shaun and Christopher and it was fun to meet up with Laurence, Gill, Shelia and Mike. Here we are, all dressed up in our finery.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


The highlight of our Christmas ringing is a quarter peal attempt for the carol service. This year our tenor ringer had to pull out a few days before but luckily Dennis stepped into the breach and rang the tenor for his first quarter peal. The ringing went well and we joined the congregation for carols by candle light, followed by mince pies and mulled wine.

1260 changes of Grandsire doubles

  1. Hugh Walmesley White (c)
  2. Liz Biles
  3. Sylvia Charles
  4. Jan Walmesley White
  5. Judith Williamson
  6. Dennis Jenkins

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Congratulations go to Sylvia for ringing her first quarter peal of grandsire on Friday 10th November 2008 following a course run the previous Saturday morning. This was Sylvia's first attempt and with the bells muffled for Remembrance Day, the striking sounded good too.

  1. Shelia Porter
  2. Jan Walmesley
  3. Sylvia Charles
  4. Judith Williamson
  5. Hugh Walmesley White (c)
  6. Roger Alford


On 25th October, 15 ringers and 2 companions embarked on the Motcombe outing to four towers between Andover and Romsey. The outing had been expertly arranged by Robert to enable Gary, Manda and Laurence to join us for the day. We also welcomed Christopher and Julie from Donhead St. Mary.

It was a very successful day with each tower an improvement on the previous one. We started at Broughton, a quiet, sleepy village with lots of traffic. A nice ground floor ring with an impressive glassed-in ante room.
East Tytherley had lovely bells and it was nice for our tower to have the experience of ringing on 8. Another ground floor ring where we hunted on eight and tried grandsire triples.

After an excellent lunch we made our way to Lockerly. We had trouble getting into the tower before some lateral thinking from Dennis turned up the missing key. The bells rang very well when kept close.

English was an interesting tower and with John Buchan in mind, we climbed the 39 steps to the ringing chamber. Again an opportunity for us to experiment on 8 bells which were good to handle. Here we finished off our day with a perfect course of Cambridge Minor, so with good spirits we went off to the pub before heading home.